1. Determine HS Code:


*HS Code is the international standard classification code of goods, used to determine the import and export tax rates of goods.

     84254100: Built-in jacking systems of a type used in garages.

     84254290: other jacks and hoists, hydraulic

     84254910: other, electrically operated

     84254920: other, not electrically operated


● Import tax: 5%

● Value Added Tax (VAT): 10%

● Refer to preferential import tax according to the latest tax information (2022.02.01)


Note: This is a LIST OF PRODUCTS, GOODS THAT CAN CREATE SAFETY SUCCESSFUL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR STATE MANAGEMENT OF The Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (Based on Circular 22/2018/TT-BLDTBXH Hanoi, December 6, 2018)


2. Quality inspection registration procedures and Certificate Regulation:


Step 1: Make an import declaration 


- Documents needed to make the declaration such as Contract, Invoice, Packing List, C/O, Bill...

- Then, transmit the official import declaration to get the results of the declaration and tax payment, and use this customs declaration to take the next steps on registration for state inspection.


Step 2: Register for State quality inspection


- Importing enterprises and individuals register for quality inspection, prepare a set of documents to submit to the MOLISA, including:

● Bill

● Invoice

● Packing list

● Import declaration

● Catalog of products, test report, photo or description of goods in Vietnamese... (if not added after submitting certificate of conformity)

● Certificate of Origin (C/O) (if available)

● Certificate of Quality (C/Q)

● Manufacturer's Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) (if available)

● Certificate of quality inspection registration. (Form 01 – ND154/2018) – 2 copies

State inspection registration papers and application receipts will be returned by the Department within 2-3 days from the date of receipt of complete dossiers.


Step 3: Register for Certificate Regulation


- Refer to the inspection center for imported lifting tables to submit the application for registration of conformity.

- Prepare a dossier similar to registration for State quality inspection: Product conformity registration paper, Bill, Invoice, Packing List, product catalog, C/O, C/Q, etc.

- After receiving the complete dossier, the inspection center will return the Certificate Regulation.


3. Custom clearance procedures for importing pulley tackle and hoists:


Step 1: After the customs declaration form has the results of selectivity, submit the import dossier to the Customs:


- The import dossier includes:

● Registration certificate certified by MOLISA

● Regulatory Registration Certificate

● Commercial invoice

● Packing list: 1 copy

● Bill of Lading (House Bill): Original or photocopy

● Certificate of Origin (C/O): Original

● Dispatch to bring goods to storage

● Referrals, orders, etc.

Note: If there are no errors, HQ will allow you to bring the goods back to the warehouse. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, you cannot use or trade the product!


Step 2: Contact the inspection center to inspect the goods


- After the goods arrive at the warehouse, please contact the inspection party to go to the warehouse to inspect the goods and issue a Certificate Regulation for your pulley tackle and hoists!


Step 3: Supplement the missing documents for the Department


- The dossier may include the following documents:

● Document supplementing the application for registration of state quality inspection of goods and products (available for samples)

● Certificate Regulation, Sample of product label that has been affixed with CR mark

● Additional labels, photos or descriptions of goods in Vietnamese (if the above step the document has not been submitted)

- When receiving the complete dossier, within 5 working days you will receive the state quality inspection results.


Step 4: Clearing customs declarations, official goods are allowed to circulate on the market:


- Having satisfactory state quality inspection results, please submit to customs and clear the goods, so you will be allowed to use or trade the product.


For more information about Import Procedures Lift Jacks And Platform Hoists”, please contact 028.7302.0880 to receive the fastest and most accurate advice.

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